December Pub of the Month

Thirsty Giraffe

Having lived in Newcastle nearly all my life, I was unaware that there existed a hole in the market whereby the local giraffe population needed somewhere to slake its collective thirst; indeed, up to the end of 2017, I was totally unaware that indeed there was a local giraffe population. Yet, in December of that year I was proved incorrect in my assumptions, as a new bar / pub sprung up in Newcastle, directly opposite Ten Green Bottles, by the name of Thirsty Giraffe; wondering how the average giraffe would cope with gaining access to the average pub, I decided to don my David Bellamy hat and investigate.

Fortunately for the continued existence of the doorway, Thirsty Giraffe caters not for giraffes at all, but for people of all types who enjoy slaking their collective thirsts on a gorgeous pint of real ale. Running a tied house in Congleton gave business partners Verity Beardmore and Gareth Griffiths a taste for the free trade, for something rather more adventurous; internally, the pub is modern and comfortable, with a good variety of seating depending on what type of seats people slaking their thirst prefer to sit on. Oh, and the giraffes. From the giraffes etched into the windows that greet customers on entry, to the baby giraffe drawn on the back wall, the giraffe theme predominates; there is even a red giraffe by the bar who invites you to pose for a photograph with it, the narcissistic thing. The name, incidentally, derives from Gareth’s ability to drink like a giraffe.

So what can all the multifarious giraffes drink in the Giraffe? To begin with, there are four ever-changing cask beers on the bar, comprising a good mixture of light and dark ales; aware that there is plenty of competition on the surrounding streets, Verity and Gareth make sure that many of the ales are sourced from micro-breweries little seen in the area. Add to this three craft keg beers, the majority of which are dispensed from CAMRA-approved KeyKegs; there are also two changing real ciders living in the fridge, kept company by a healthy range of canned and bottled beers. The Giraffes of Newcastle have little reason to go thirsty again.

There probably is not enough space inside the Giraffe to support live music; even the toilets have had to be located up what are colloquially named The Stairs of Doom. However, there are plans for the New Year to stage Charity Quiz Nights, which can only help to consolidate the popularity of The Giraffe. So why not join us on Thursday, 7th December at around 7.30pm for the presentation of our final Pub of the Month for 2018? You can even take a selfie with a narcissistic red giraffe.

Martin Perry
47 Merrial Street, Newcastle, ST5 2AE

Opening Hours:
Monday Closed; Tuesday & Wednesday 4pm – 9.30pm; Thursday 4pm – 10pm; Friday & Saturday 12noon – 12midnight; Sunday 2pm – 7pm