Cider Pub of the Season
Swiftys Micro Bar, Meir

No, it’s not a mirage it’s Swifty’s a real oasis in the desert that is Meir. It was opened in December and is one of the newest drinking establishments in this city of ours. Only a small city but it can boast 2 football league teams 1 good 1 not so good, you decide which is which.

Sorry there I go again just waffling on. Anyway, back to Swifty’s it is run by husband and wife team the beautiful Michelle and husband Rob. It is on Weston Road and is on the site that used to be Pennywise. Speaking to licensee and co-owner Michelle she told me that in the beginning she and Rob just wanted somewhere to drink that was within walking distance. She also told me that running the pub helps fill her days since being made redundant. Plus, it was giving Meir a pub, something it had been lacking for years.

On the wall outside is a Defibrillator machine which Michelle says was mostly paid for by utilising the community spirit created by the regulars in the pub. Thursday night is entertainment night with open mike and quiz night rotating. Added to this is a comedy night once a month (see facebook for other events). Also, there is a whisky club that meets there once a month. While I write this a beer fest is underway and will be held every year in June and Michelle says with a bit of luck there should be one around Christmas time.

Ok what’s on sale? Well, 18 ciders are readily available with Old Rosie and Gladiator being permanent whilst the rest are on a rotating basis. Also their, for the thirsty of Meir, is a good selection of fine real ales, and around 60 different gins hence why it says Micro Pub and Gin Bar on the windows.

It was my first time there when I went to talk to Michelle and I had a great time, but HEY, don’t just take my word for it, get yourself along there and see for yourself. Trust me, Michelle and her staff will give you a warm and friendly welcome. The presentation will take place at around 7pm, Saturday 14th September.

Dave Payne
69 Weston Road, Meir, ST3 6AB
Opening Hours:
Mon, Tues Closed; Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun 1pm – 10.30pm